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Sudanese government increases fuel prices

April 5, 2021

KHARTOUM) - Sudanese government has raised the price of fuel which is now linked to the international market and the floated dollar.

The price of petrol has risen to 150 Sudanese pounds from 122 pounds per litre, while the price of diesel has increased to 125 pounds from 115 pounds.

In a circular seen by the Sudan Tribune to the service stations on Thursday, the Sudanese Oil Corporation announced that the new increase would be effective from the same day.

The governmental body further said that the new increases were approved by the Ministry of Finance.

Sudan gradually lifted fuel subsidies within a series of economic reforms to redress the national economy, reintegrate the international financial system and draw international support as well as investors alike.

Government criticized

Deputy Chairman of the Economic Committee for the ruling coalition Forces for Freedom and Change, Adil Khalafallah, slammed the new increases in fuel prices, saying the government does not care about the negative impact of these increases on the low-income Sudanese.

In a statement to Sudan Tribune, Khalafallah considered the increases in petrol prices by 23% and diesel by 8%, as confirmation of the government’s determination to fully implement to the implementation of the dictates of international lenders and creditors.

He stressed that these increases will not be the last unless it reconsiders its current policy.

He further criticized the government for abandoning its social function and not intervening to determine the market prices, adding that the recent prices for fuel are based on an exchange rate of over 381 Sudanese pounds to the dollar.


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