Increase in dengue fever and COVID-19 cases in Khartoum

March 14, 2023

The weekly emergency report of Khartoum State’s Ministry of Health has shown an increase in dengue fever and COVID-19 cases.

An official at the Sudan’s Federal Ministry of Health said in press statements Saturday that the confirmed cases of dengue fever in Khartoum have reached 933 while suspected cases stand at 1606 mostly in Ombada and Karari.

The weekly meeting of Khartoum State’s Ministry of Health underlined the need for a meticulous plan to avoid spread of epidemics and for regular reports on the health situation in the localities.

The meeting has also noted an increase in cases of COVID-19 indicating the needs for quarantine centers equipped with lab tests and blood banks.

The coup Minister of Health Haytham Mohammed Ibrahim has earlier confirmed that Khartoum State is infested with mosquitoes. According to insect survey, conducted in the State, the average mosquito larva density per one room is 22.

He explained that 48% of houses and 12% of utensils have shown presence of flying mosquitoes.

Dengue fever is spread by the Aedes aegypti which breeds inside water tanks, air conditioners and water containers. The current spread of the insect was fueled by lack of waste management and inadequate insect control measures, including pesticide spraying campaigns, he added.


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