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KAD Denounces Threat to Oil Areas in West Kordofan

March 6, 2023

Khartoum, Mar. 5 (SUNA) - Chairman of Kordofan Association for Development (KAD) and representative of Kordufan in Juba Agreement for peace in Sudan, Dr. Abdul Baqi Ali Azraq, affirmed KAD‘s adherence to the terms of the peace agreement and the achievement of development and stability.

In a press statement today to SUNA, Abdul Baqi warned of the consequences of trading in the rights of the people of Kordufan and throwing them into absurd wars that the people of Kordufan, do not reap from them nothing but displacement and destruction of the social fabric.

He said that the threat to oil areas in West Kordufan by a group has nothing to do with KAD, is an act of terrorism and cheap gain that serves the interest of certain parties.

He pointed to their despicable attempt to hijack the name of Kordufan Association for Development (KAD) in an aim to surpass the agenda did not succeed because the KAD’s rules that keen on approach of the Assembly calling for peaceful democratic work as well as keen on social peace, which is the basis of sustainable development and the essence of the group's thought.

Abdul -Baqi stated that the KAD gathering seeks to carry out development projects in Kordufan and has so far been able to form ten different cooperative societies in Kordofan in cooperation with the United Nations and other voluntary organizations.

He noted that they are going on to achieve civil transformation through production and community rehabilitation , saying that those issue terrorist statements have nothing to do with them and we have not seen them in the field, as we form KAD in Belgium 11 years ago

He renewed his rejection to any attack or any act of sabotage in the oil areas and the cities of West Kordufan, especially impunity, sabotage and tribal conflicts, stressing their support for the emergency law in Kordufan to prevent impunity and sabotage.

For his part, Major -General Issa Fadl Helio, stressed that the Kordufan Association for Development (KAD) works for peace and development and serves the causes of civil society and does not support any act of sabotage that leads to destabilization and provoking war.

Helio said that the KAD signed the Juba Peace Agreement in order to achieve the missing development and stability without any tribal problems and works to make Kordufan has a status.

He denied that the KAD, has no president other than Dr. Abdul Baqi Ali Azraq since the establishment of the assembly and warned of the seriousness of what he called as the sabotage work and political act in West Kordufan and its consequences on citizens, especially since the state is witnessing security fragility, tribal conflicts and cases of sabotage for a short time.


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