ATC, Ministry of Health graduate 953 first aiders in Kuajok town

March 3, 2023

More than 900 community health workers graduated after completing first aid approaches training in Kuajoc town of Warrap State.

The three months of training which included how to conduct first aid for injuries, snake bites, and labor, was conducted by the African Training Center (ATC) and Warrap State's health ministry.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony, Deborah Uduel Ukech, Warrap State's deputy governor, appreciated the ATC, Ministry of Health, church, and the Islamic Council for the training and urged the graduates to apply what they have learned to improve health services across the state.

'The ministry of health will pick you up in your centers. This is the beginning and your career will continue to the next level because those trained in midwifery will help the ministry of health as they will be reporting children born in blocks to hospital for certification,' she announced.

Dr. Oliver Elariou, a representative from the African Training Centre said: 'I am happy to be part of this graduation. This is the fifth training after graduating 9,000, 3,500, and 4,000 first aiders from Central, Western, and Eastern Equatorial states respectively. We have also graduated 450 from Wau town, 7,000 health workers from Aweil town including counties and today we have graduated 953 fresh community health group.'

He said they train community health on basic primary health care, home nursing, productive health, and basic midwifery.

Elariou promised that his organization will sponsor two health workers; male and female, to further their studies at the university.

Rebeka John Bol, a graduate said: 'We have learned lots on injection, how to help mothers in labor when the hospital is far, and how to assist a snake bite patient.'

Another beneficiary William Dut Garang said, 'I didn't know the importance of first aid.But we have been taught to manage injuries, snake bite cases, and people who convulse as a result of motorbikes accidents. We can also help someone who fell on the road but you need to be very careful looking on all sides, check, and call if no one appears, then call others for help.'


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