Ethiopian flights to China set to return to pre-Covid levels

January 12, 2023

Ethiopian Airlines, the leading airline in Africa, said that the frequency of its flights to Chinese cities will increase as of February 06, ultimately returning to the pre-Covid levels on March 1, following the lifting of restrictions by China.

As of February 6, Ethiopian Airlines will operate daily flights to Guangzhou while increasing its weekly flights to Beijing and Shanghai to four each and maintains the trice weekly operation to Chengdu.

Starting from March 1, the flights will surge back to the pre-Covid levels with daily flights to Beijing and Shanghai as well as ten and four weekly flights to Guangzhou and Chengdu respectively. Accordingly, Ethiopian will operate a total of 28 weekly passenger flights to China when the services are fully restored.

Ethiopian Group CEO Mesfin Tasew said: “We are glad that we are ramping up the frequencies of our flights to Chinese cities thanks to the easing of flight restrictions by the Government of China. China is one of the largest markets for Ethiopian Airlines outside Africa, and the increase in flight frequencies will help revive the trade, investment, cultural and bilateral cooperation between Africa and China in the post-Covid era.

“Thanks to our large network across Africa, the increase in the number of flights to Chinese cities will bring Africa and China closer. We are keen to further expand our service to China going forward.”

In addition to its passenger flights to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, Ethiopian is also operating freighter flights to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Changsha and Wuhan.


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