Lakes State governor declares Friday farming day

May 24, 2022

The governor of Lakes State on Sunday declared Friday a day off for state government institutions so that the employees can embark on farming activities.

General Rin Tueny Mabor made the pronouncement in Wulu County while launching a demonstration farm and a new policy, 'Agriculture for all for food'.

'We are in Makuru of Wulu County which is our green belt in Lakes State and our food basket. I am here to launch the governor’s agricultural scheme which is an initiative from the office of the governor and emerged with our policy of 'Agriculture for all for food,' he said. 'We are done with security, the state is calm and safe and now we are embarking on agriculture.'

Governor Tueny said agricultural production is one of the main policies in the state and urged all citizens in Lakes State to cultivate to achieve food security.

'This is my farm so I show our people that every citizen must dig the ground and this is a good beginning. Agriculture is our lives and this is an approach which will stabilize food security in Lakes State and even in the whole country,' he said. 'Finally, I thank the chiefs of Makuru village who gave me this piece of land. We are for food and we are here for agriculture.'

Gen. Tueny appealed to youth in Lakes State to embrace agriculture and abandon highway robbery, cattle rustling, unnecessary killings, and looting.


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