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Construction of Bor dyke completed

May 17, 2022

Local government officials in the Jonglei State capital, Bor, have said the town will not be submerged by floodwaters as the construction of a 22-kilometer dyke west of the town was completed last week.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj Monday, Elijah Mabior Bol, the state lands and public utilities minister, assured Bor residents that the 22-kilometer-long dyke will save them from floods.

Over the past two years, Bor has experienced the worst floods in decades forcing thousands of residents to flee their homes.

“Bor gets floods through rains and overflow of the Nile. For the floods from the river, we have rehabilitated and extended the dyke that runs across the west of the town from MalualChaat to Arek in late April. The 22-kilometer dyke is now ready to protect the town,” Minister Mabior said.

He added: “Let me assure you and the people of Bor that if the Nile rises to even 14.78 meters just like during the last year’s worst floods, Bor will be on the safe side.”

The official said Bor municipality is working on containing flooding caused by rains in the town.

However, Deng John, a Bor resident, warned of more floods saying the way the new roads have been constructed implies that rainwater will remain stagnant in the residential areas. He called on the government to urgently open waterways to drain rainwater.

For his part, Bor Mayor James Gai Makoor said plans are underway to install a drainage system across the town.

“We have a machine now which will pump the water to the river whenever it rains now. We are now going to install culverts to drain the water,” he said.


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