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Lands ministry starts surveying, opening roads in Lakes State

January 21, 2022

The Lakes State ministry of housing, lands and public utilities has launched a master plan survey for opening up road networks in all the payams in the state commencing with Aluakluak Payam in Yirol West County.

The state roads minister, Majur Mayom, told Radio Tamazuj Thursday morning during the launch of the project in Aluakluak Payam in Yirol West county that he was following the governor’s directive to survey and open roads in all the payams across Lakes State.

“We are here in Aluakluak Payam to kick off the survey and opening up of the roads, putting up the master plan for Yirol West town as per directives from his governor of Lakes State, Rin Tueny Mabor,” Minister Mayom said. “He directed me to develop a master plan for Aluakluak Payam and other payams across the state so that we develop the policy and vision of the SPLM led government of taking towns to people and not people to town.”

He added: “As you are seeing, one road has been opened and in 4 or 5 days, the people of Aluakluak Payam will realize and see some progress. I would like to appreciate the community of Aluakluak Payam, the chiefs, elders, youth, and intellectuals for cooperating with us since we came. No one attempted to quarrel or misunderstand what is going on.”

The executive director of Yirol West County, Rin Maker Mading, said it was a pleasure for the community of Apak in Aluakluak Payam to witness the development.

“It is a great pleasure for the community of far west to have a second town as Aluakluak Payam and I also thank General Rin Tueny Mabor and his leadership for bringing the town to the people,” Maker said. “Surveying has a lot of interruptions but the people did nothing bad and received it positively.”

The youth leader in Aluakluak Payam, Jurba Mabor, said they were happy with the survey and will cooperate with the state and local government.

“We shall cooperate with the team in whatever they need and be available to support the team. We will work for this survey to end peacefully and without misunderstandings,” Mabor said.

For his part, Adom Mohamad Abdala, the manager of Eyat company, thanked the Lakes State government for contracting them to open up the road networks across the Payams in the state.


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