Officials decry shortage of medical supplies in Rumamer County, Abyei

January 13, 2022

An upsurge in the number of flood-displaced population is putting a strain on the health facilities in Rumamer County of the disputed Abyei Administrative Area, officials warn.

Chol Pur, Rumamer County Commissioner told Radio Tamazuj on Tuesday that the county is now in dire need of medical supplies as the population expands to absorb thousands displaced by floods.

Pur called on the government and humanitarian agencies to accelerate efforts to avail medical supplies before the current supplies are depleted.

“Although the government tries its best to provide the medicines, it is not enough for the increasing number of population. Yes, we need human and animal medicines because many displaced persons arrived from Unity State, Warrap, and Abiemnhom,’’ he added.

Abyei Administrative Area's health minister, Dr. Ayom Korchek, confirmed that there is pressure on the available medical resources.

'Abyei is the only place which is not affected by the floods and for this reason, many people migrated from Abiemnhom, Mayom and Twic County of Warrap. Now the high number of patients at all our health centers is very high,' he explained.'

For his part, the Ngok Dinka Paramount Chief, Bulabek Deng Kuol called for peaceful coexistence with the displaced communities.

'For us, we don’t have any problem because everybody has to respect and consider why they have migrated here,' he said. 'As long as you have a goal for coming here, it is not good to cause any violence and this commitment must be upheld by every newcomer. And our only hope is for people to stay peacefully in this area.”


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