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Petrol and diesel prices drop, kerosene rises

January 10, 2022

Motorists in Tanzania mainland will pay less for petroleum products as the prices of fuel prices marginally dropped from last month.

According to the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (Ewura), the retail prices of petrol and diesel imported through Dar es Salaam port dropped by 0.35 percent, and 2.80 percent respectively, as kerosene increased by 4.44 percent.

Ewura acting Director General Godfrey Chibulunje said the retail prices of petrol in Dar will retail at $1.08 per litre, and diesel at $1.00 per litre. Kerosene prices will rise to $1.00 per litre.

Mr Chibulunje said the decrease was an outcome of the government decision to reduce various levies charged on fuel to ease the cost of living for Tanzanians.

He added that the costs that contributed to the drop in fuel prices include free on board, import cost premium wholesale and retail margins, levies and fees of various government institutions, taxes and transportation costs.

“Oil prices could have been further reduced as the value of the US dollar against the Tanzanian shilling remained constant. We have reduced levies on the government, and this decision has helped to cut down fuel prices, depending on the type of fuel and port where it was received “ said Mr Chibulunje

Due to the continuing rise in oil prices in the world market, Tanzania postponed the collection of petroleum fuel fee from December 2021 to February 2022.

In the northern regions of Tanzania — Tanga, Kilimanjaro, Arusha and Manyara — retail prices of petrol and diesel will decrease by 0.17 percent and 1.8 percent respectively. At the same time, wholesale prices of petrol and diesel dropped by 0.18 percent and 1.89 per cent, respectively.

According to Mr Chibulunje, Tanga retail prices for petrol will be $1.09 per litre and $1.024 per litre of diesel, and kerosene will retail at $1.029 per litre. In Kilimanjaro, petrol will cost $1.11 per litre, diesel $1.04 per litre and kerosene $1.04 per litre. In Arusha, petrol will retail at $1.11 per litre, diesel $1.04 per litre and kerosene will be sold at $1.04 per litre .

“Due to depletion of kerosene at Tanga storage terminal, fuel station operators in the northern regions are advised to source kerosene from Dar es Salaam,” Mr Chibulunje said.

The southern region part of Tanzania (Mtwara, Lindi, and Ruvuma) will enjoy lower petrol prices, but higher diesel costs, which have risen.


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