E. Equatoria State: New minister tells youth to create jobs

December 23, 2021

The newly appointed minister of culture, youth, and sports in Eastern Equatoria State, Margaret Idwa Okuye, on Monday told the youth to create jobs instead of focusing and relying on NGO careers.

Minister Idwa made the remarks after being sworn into office by High Court Judge Obac De’Nyong at the Eastern Equatoria State government secretariat.

Last week, President Salva Kiir in a decree read over the national broadcaster removed Stella Iromo Vitale from the Eastern Equatoria culture docket without giving reasons and appointed Margret Idwa Okuye in her place.

The new culture minister castigated the youth for eyeing and relying on white color jobs while shunning jobs from which they could earn money.

“I would like to say this loud and clear, youth open your ears as the large population of this country. And with that percentage, we are having a lot of challenges, a lot of problems. But I want to tell you youth, those problems can be handled within a short period,” Minister Idwa said.

She added: “Youth create employment by yourselves (sic). Do not look around for collar jobs. We have all-around activities here. Do not expect that when Abuba (grandmother) comes here, there will be work for you. You have to work by yourself. Make yourself to be employed. Why are we poor in the land of richness?”

Governor Louis Lobong Lojore encouraged the new minister to work with her colleagues to deliver services to the people of Eastern Equatoria State and teach the youth.

“You had been a minister but we believed being Abuba (grandmother) you will be able to give the youth wisdom, teach them, and talk to them. You are also brought in at a very difficult time where sometimes our youth assume a lot, they seem to know everything because they Google things from the internet and social media,” Governor Lobong said.

He said most of the youth demand white-collar jobs in the NGO sector or want to join politics and be appointed ministers and advised them to be job creators.


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