Sudan government, “Northern Path” agree on 30%/70% resource allocation agreement

December 19, 2021

The Security Adviser to the President of South Sudan for Security Affairs, Head of the Southern Mediation Delegation, Tut Galwak, confirmed that the mediation held discussions with the Sudanese government on how to re-divide the wealth and power in northern Sudan by “30%,” and noted that work is being done to address some issues in the Juba Agreement.

Wednesday, at al-Salam Hotel in Khartoum, an appendix of an agreement was signed between the government of Sudan and the parties to the peace process’ “Northern Path”, dividing the income from the proceeds of natural resources, extracted wealth, tax income, other levies and taxes imposed in the region, provided that revenue is split 30%/70% between the northern territory government and the central government in Khartoum, valid for ten years.

After the signing, Galwak said that this agreement came for the development of the north and center, and added that the dialogue must continue in a spirit, awareness and consultation until everyone reaches a solution to all Sudan’s issues.

Galwak noted that the dialogue will continue to make efforts to resolve the issues of eastern Sudan.

Representative of the North, Muhammad Sayed Ahmed Sir al-Khatim Sir al-Khatim confirmed, according to Sudan News Agency, that the north has been marginalized throughout the previous periods, and that this agreement came to remove injustices put on it, and explained that this percentage will be used for the development and reconstruction of the northern and central regions.

The agreement was signed on behalf of the government by the head of the Peace Commission, the rapporteur of the High Peace Council, Suleiman al-Dabilo, and for the northern entity, Muhammad Sayed Ahmed Sir al-Khatim and Muhammad Daoud Bandak from the Kush Liberation Movement.

The two parties affirmed their keenness to achieve comprehensive, just, and lasting peace throughout Sudan, to preserve its unity and sovereignty, and to achieve comprehensive, just, and sustainable development.


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