Government in Sudan sells USAID wheat to pay debts

December 19, 2021

An informed source revealed to AlTaghyeer that the coup government in Sudan had sold 54,000 tons of USAID wheat to help repay its arrears to flour mills.

The source said that they anticipate diplomatic turmoil to ensue between Washington and Khartoum due to the wheat being afforded to Sudan to help provide the Sudanese public with bread.

The northern port in Port Sudan had received around three shipments of American aid wheat in an agreement made between Washington and Khartoum that obliges the former to provide the Sudanese public with wheat in six shipments.

Each shipment arriving onboard carried around 48 tons of US wheat.

The first shipment arrived to Sudan in June, followed by a second shipment that arrived on the 29th of last July.

The source, who preferred their name be withheld, confirmed to AlTaghyeer that the USAID representative had cautioned the Sudanese government of selling wheat and considered it a betrayal of the US-Sudan agreement on the provision of aid in wheat.

The source revealed that the mils had stopped supplying the states with subsidized wheat, and revealed that the amount of available wheat currently barely exceeds 66,000 tons.

They also revealed that the Ministry of Finance was unable to clear its arrears, estimated at around $18 million US dollars, to the flour mills.

According to the source, the debts were arranged to be cleared during last September, however, failure to clear them led the mills to withhold subsidized wheat distribution.


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