E. Equatoria State: MPs, state cabinet agree to work together for development

November 16, 2021

Political leaders from across Eastern Equatoria State over the weekend met at Hotel Torit to discuss prioritize development plans for the growing challenges affecting the state.

The officials, including national parliamentarians, former state lawmakers, and the state cabinet also discussed how they can work together for the progress of the state.

In a communique released on Sunday after the meeting, the leaders reaffirmed their commitment to work together at the national, state, and local government levels in all matters related to Eastern Equatoria State.

The state’s information minister, Patrick Oting Cyprian, who read the communique said, “The political leaders were deeply concerned over the sporadic insecurity incidences, inter-village conflicts over cattle theft, revenge, and counter revenge killings and road ambushes.”

It further read: “Alarmed by the escalation of inter, intra village conflicts in Hiyala Payam; further alarmed by the Inter-State cattle migration from Jonglei State and child abduction from Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) and; deeply concerned by the insecurity caused by cattle herders in Magwi County which prevents the people from returning to their homes of origin.”

Minister Oting said the general economic difficulties and unemployment in the country are affecting the state and are one of the reasons for sporadic thefts, robberies, and ambushes. He also noted that the environmental degradation due to illegal logging and commercialization of charcoal burning is resulting in drought in some areas in the state which poses climate change challenges and insecurity.

“An urgent meeting with the GPAA shall be called to address the return of the abducted children and police forces shall be deployed and stationed at all the hotspots and security roads in the State and the Tiger Division in Magwi County to be redeployed and replaced by state police,” Minister Oting said.

The leaders also resolved that the good working relationship between all the parties to the revitalized peace agreement in Eastern Equatoria State be promoted and strengthened to assist in discharging their mandate and rendering services to the people.

Julius Moilinga, the head of the Eastern Equatoria State parliamentary caucus at the national assembly, described the meeting as a success and said cooperation between the arms of the government will help redeem the good name of the state.

“Honestly, I want to say this is a groundbreaking success which I believe is just the beginning. As the caucus in the parliament, we have a big role to play in the advancement of our state and cooperation,” Moilinga said. “We discussed a range of issues apart from the strategic plan which we concluded and we came up with a very strong communique.”

The meeting also resolved that transit camps for returnees in Eastern Equatoria State should not be allowed and that returnees must be taken directly to their areas of origin.


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