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Petronas: Land in Sudan obtained lawfully

October 10, 2021

The Malaysian oil and gas giant Petronas declared that the land in Sudan its complex is currently located on was obtained in accordance with rightful applicable laws.

Malaysian news agency The Star reported that Petronas has been closely working with the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to “exercise all diplomatic channels with the authorities in Sudan to amicably resolve the issue.”

On Tuesday, Turkish news agency Daily Sabah report mentioned that the Sudanese transitional government – through its Empowerment Removal Committee tasked with retrieving unlawful gains made during the deposed regime’s era – has been seeking to confiscate Petronas assets that it had alleged it acquired unlawfully during ousted president’s Omar al-Bashir’s era.

“The aggressive and unfounded allegations by the Empowerment Removal Committee would be an obstacle for investors to further invest in Sudan in the future,” sources informed Daily Sabah.

The report also mentioned that no date or information have been revealed in regards to illegal business activities done by Malaysian entities during al-Bashir’s era.

Daily Sabah noted that the Petronas Sudan Complex (PSC) is currently under Nada Properties Co Ltd (NPCL); a Petronas subsidiary in Sudan whose ownership has been transferred to the Ministry of Finance in Sudan, and “deprived Petronas of its rightful ownership of the company.”


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