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Sudan Sovereignty members partake in first real estate brokers forum in Sudan

September 7, 2021

The forum’s head of the media committee said that the significant rise in real estate prices in Sudan is one negative aspect of the profession’s unregulated work.

Real estate brokers in Sudan announced the completion of preparations for the “first forum of real estate brokers” held in the presence of members of the Sovereignty Council, Ministers, and the Governor of Khartoum.

The head of the forum’s media committee, Mohamed Salah Jaafar, said that the conference will be held on September 6 at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum.

The head of the media committee, during a Sudan News Agency press conference on Saturday, announced that the conference will be the first of its kind in Sudan.

Jaafar stressed the role of real estate brokerage in the Sudanese economy, while calling on brokers from various Sudanese states to actively participate in the conference.

He attributed the significant rise in real estate prices to unregulated work in the profession.

For his part, the head of the Preparatory Committee, Sarhan Hassan Sarhan, said that the forum aims to regulate the profession of real estate brokerage and develop a law for it.

The head of the Preparatory Committee stressed on the sensitivity of the real estate broker’s profession as it deals with all segments of society.

He stated that the profession needs to develop and create harmony between its employees and the relevant state agencies.


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