Firm Launches Fitness App to Promote Wellness

June 7, 2021

The Mind D Gap Media Limited has launched a fitness App that combines afrobeat music, counting of dance steps, and diet monitoring to promote the overall wellness of an individual.

Speaking during the launch of the fitness App in Lagos recently, the Chief Executive Officer, Mind D Gap Media Limited, Oluwadamilare Okenla, stated that what inspired the creation of the App was his passion for fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

He also stated that the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown really helped in the development of the App, adding that medical doctors had advised that people should exercise more since they were working from home.

He also explained that his reasons for coming to Nigeria was basically to spread awareness, noting that in the United Kingdom the government provides a high level of support to the citizens and there are various activities aimed at promoting fitness and overall wellness of an individual.

According to him, “Exercises don’t necessarily imply going to the gym, but to move and burn calories. I think Nigerians can actually benefit from this especially through weight loss and burning calories.

“This App is first of its kind in Nigeria because it teaches the user how to dance, count your steps, and burn calories. Most Apps we have now basically count your steps.

“I know subsequently that other Apps will come up that will be doing similar things, but for now, this is the App made for Nigerians and by a Nigerian DJ.

“The App can be downloaded both on Playstore and I-stores respectively. When Android approved us we taught it was going to be easier with Apple because their processes are quite straightforward, but Apple has a lot of new policies and regulations now. For instance, if you are a seller or developer and you want to charge your users, Apple wants to be the one to take the money and pay.

“While Android for you can use a third party process to get paid, so with Apple there are new processes and that is what has made our approval processes under Apple delayed because they were very specific about what they want.”


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