QRCS delivers medical supplies for paediatric cardiac catheterisations to Sudan hospitals

April 5, 2021

Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) recently delivered medical consumables to be used in cardiac catheterisations and surgeries for children at the Ahmed Qassim Hospital for Heart Disease and Surgery (Bahri Locality, Khartoum State) and the Wad Madani Centre for Heart Disease and Surgery (Gezira State).

Dr Amin Makki, director of Grants and Gifts at the Federal Ministry of Health’s International Health Department, was present as the shipment arrived at the Khartoum International Airport.
In co-ordination with the Federal Ministry of Health, staff of QRCS’ mission in Sudan handed over to the Ahmed Qassim Hospital for Heart Disease and Surgery some medical consumables and met with Dr Huda Hamed, the hospital’s general manager, who thanked Qatar and QRCS for this great contribution to treat children with heart problems.
At the Wad Madani heart center, the medical supplies were given to Dr Salah Al-Din Mostafa, heart surgeon and director of the center, who thanked the Amir, government, and people of Qatar. He appreciated this support from QRCS and wished for further co-operation with the center, which covers Gezira and neighbouring states.
Dr Izz al-Din Jaafar, QRCS’ Medical Convoys Officer, said the organisation would continue to support Sudan’s health system with multi-sector medical convoys to many parts of the country.
“The shipment included pediatric cardiac catheters, hole closure stents, and angioplasty balloons,” said Dr Jaafar. “This donation from QRCS costs $100,000”.
He said a new Little Hearts project is to be launched soon at a total cost of QR275,000, to perform catheterisation procedures for children with congenital heart defects. “We are co-ordinating with the concerned state authorities to arrange for more medical convoys across Sudan,” he added.
In a statement on its website, Sudan’s Federal Ministry of Health thanked QRCS and the Government of Qatar for their unlimited support, looking forward to enhancing the spirit of co-operation, towards a better health sector in Sudan.


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