Manis: Port Sudan Harbor one of the pillar of government strategic plan

January 3, 2021

Khartoum, Jan.2 (SUNA) - The Cabinet Affairs Minister, Ambassador , Omar Manis has pointed out that Port Sudan Port constitutes one of the pillar of the g strategic plans of the government of the transitional period and the cornerstone of the country’s economy.

Ambassador Manis addressing a forum on Port Sudan Port organized, at Tower of the Union of Chambers of Commerce, in the presence of ministers and concerned circles stressed the necessity for the collective work to find radical solution to [Port Sudan water problem.

He called for the necessity for being ready to benefit from revocation of the country’s name from the terrorist list and re-integrate in the international economy.

Minister of Trade and Industry, Medani Abbas Medani affirmed the political and economic importance of the port , calling for establishment of partnership between the public and private sector to solve the Port Sudan water crisis.


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