Sudan celebrates International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

October 14, 2020

Khartoum, October 13 (SUNA) - The Regional Consultative Center for Science and Technology for Environmental Research and Disaster Risk Reduction has celebrated the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction in cooperation with the Ministry of Federal Government and the National Council for Civil Defense, with the participation of a number of organizations and specialists, under the slogan (Disaster Risk Governance).

The Undersecretary of Ministry of Federal Government Dr. Hassan Nasreddin praised the great role played by the Civil Defense Department to protect the lives of citizens and properties during the flood period, lauding the Sudanese police’s concern with the achievement of stability and avoidance of risks in general, adding that there is a special and strong relationship between the Civil Defense Department and the Ministry of Federal Government in order to reduce Disasters, calling for attention to early warning to reduce losses and maintain infrastructure before the disaster strikes.

Nasreddin called for setting a clear strategy for early warning to forecast and prepare for the future, reminding that the today's celebration is an opportunity to raise awareness of disaster risks, stressing that the celebrations of such a day must turn into scientific platforms for reflection on how to face disasters, underlining the concern of his ministry with the reduction of disaster risks.

The Head of the National Council for Civil Defense Maj. Police Ahmed Omer Sayid asserted the Civil Defense Police's readiness to deal with any disaster by mobilizing all its activities to protect civil societies, pointing out that the celebration today is a starting point for public awareness activities, reviewing all the work carried out by the Civil Defense Department during the torrential period and the floods, in addition to paying attention to all the disasters the country is going through.

The Representative of the Regional Consultative Center for Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction Dr. Adel Awadal-Karim Al-Amin explained that the celebration of the International Day aimed at drawing attention of the public awareness towards the importance of disaster risk reduction and educate people.

Dr. Al-Amin explained that Sudan celebrated this day in solidarity with the United Nations for awareness, as human beings have played themselves a major role in the disasters. He added that the center has put in place many factors to reduce risks, increase awareness to preserve the environment and adopt measures to reduce accidents, revealing that the implementation of all the said measures will take place in collaborations with the federal government, pledging community participation in planning.


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