300.000 illegal firearms destroyed in Sudan

October 1, 2020

More than 300,000 unlicensed firearms have been collected from citizens in Sudan during the past three years. They were officially destroyed in Nile River state yesterday.

The firearms have been blown up in the area of Hajar El Asal under the supervision of the High Commission for Arms Collection. An excavator had dug a large pit, in which the firearms were placed. Explosives, mines and mortar shells were put on top of it and detonated.

Sovereign Council member Lt Gen Ibrahim Jabir, Minister of Defence Maj Gen Yasin Ibrahim, Minister of Interior Affairs Lt Gen El Tereifi Idris, and ambassadors and representatives of international organisations were present at the ceremony.

Sovereign Council member Lt Gen Ibrahim Jabir said during the ceremony that the destruction of the 300,000 weapons completes the first three stages of the Sudan Disarmament Project. So far, the firearms have been collected voluntarily. He announced the start of the fourth stage in which the Arms and Munition Act will be strictly enforced and illegal arms will be forcibly collected.

“The forced collection phase will be accompanied by very strict measures to prevent future possession of weapons by anyone except members of the regular forces,” he said. Jabir called on the international community to help Sudan implement this fourth stage by providing technical support. Sudan also needs to coordinate its efforts with all seven neighbouring countries.

Maj Gen Abdelhadi Osman, spokesman for the High Commission for Arms Collection, said that the first three stages of arms collection has cost $40 million, which the Sudanese government paid for entirely. He called on the international community to contribute funds for the next phase.


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