More Gorillas born in Uganda, a huge boost to primate tourism

September 7, 2020

Just when the country thought it had seen the last of the baby boomers for a while, a fifth gorilla birth was witnessed in Uganda when a baby mountain gorilla was born in Buhoma located in the northern sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in Southwestern Uganda.

The Rushegura gorilla family welcomed the bouncing baby gorilla born to adult female Ruterana. The birth takes the tally of new births in the forest to 5 within the space of 6 weeks. This is Ruterana’s third offspring.

Ruterana was born January 1, 2002 – the same year the Rushegura group was opened to visitors after a breakaway from Habinyanja two years prior. The splinter group was led by Mwirima, the agile silverback. Determined to start his own family, Mwirima has grown from a family of initially eight loyalists to eighteen strong.

“They have really taken advantage of the lockdown,” noted a tourism expert.

Apes and primate parks remain closed to the public as the Uganda Wildlife Authority works to put in place Standard Operational Procedures for visitors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It appears the lockdown is quite conducive to gorilla birth in Uganda.


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