Khartoum University announces raised fees for faculty of medicine registration

May 17, 2022

On Sunday, the University of Khartoum Faculty of Medicine Association revealed that the administration has imposed significant increases on registration fees for new students, estimated at a 1276%.

The University of Khartoum is one of the oldest Sudanese universities, and a large number of academics, professional, and political leaders have graduated.

In a statement, the Association decided to boycott the registration procedures for new students, in protest against the increases, which it described as “fantastical.”

The statement revealed that registration fees amounted to 217,000 pounds, approximately $383, according to official bank transactions, compared to 17,000 pounds ($17.6) of last year.

The statement considered that the administration was deliberately filling its pockets from the pockets of students.

The increases come at a time when the local economy suffers from inflation brought about by the international community financially boycotting Sudan after the October 25th military coup.


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