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Burhan seeks Qatari investment in Sudan

April 8, 2021

Sudan offers a myriad of investment opportunities that might attract Qatari investors, Gen Abdel Fattah Al Burhan, head of Sudan’s ruling interim military council, said on Wednesday.
Addressing Qatari businessmen during his meeting with Qatar Chamber officials in Doha on Wednesday, Gen Abdel Fattah Al Burhan said, “Sudan offers a myriad of investment opportunities that might attract Qatari investors. We are working to develop economic legislation to facilitate foreign investors.”
Praising the strong fraternal relations between Qatar and Sudan, he said, “This visit will play a key role in enhancing cooperation ties between the two countries.”
Urging Qatari businessmen to invest in his country, Burhan said, “While there are many Qatari investments in Sudan, there is a strong desire from the Sudanese side to have more investments from Qatar.”
Qatar Chamber Chairman Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani, QC First Vice Chairman Mohamed bin Ahmed bin Twar and QC Board Member Mohamed Jawhar Al Mohammed and a number of Qatari businessmen participated in the meeting.
The Sudanese delegation included Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Gebreil Ibrahim Mohamed, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mariam Al Sadiq and a number of officials from Sudan.
The meeting touched on reviewing means of enhancing commercial and investment relations between the two brotherly countries and the role of the private sector in developing investments and bilateral trade.
Speaking on the occasion, QC Chairman Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani praised the strong and close relations between both countries. He noted that there is a large Sudanese community working in Qatar and contributing to the boom it witnesses.
As for mutual investments, Sheikh Khalifa said, Sudan has been and still an attractive destination for Qatari investors and businessmen, pointing out that there are many successful Qatari investments in electricity and food security.
He said that the coming period would witness more Qatari investments in Sudan especially in the area of food security.
“Qatar Chamber is always keen to support cooperation between Qatari and Sudanese firms by establishing joint enterprises and commercial alliances that benefit both economies,” Sheikh Khalifa said.
“Qatar Chamber is interested in encouraging Qatari businessmen to invest in Sudan and exploring the investment opportunities available there,” he said.
Presenting the ideal investment climate in Sudan, Gebreil Ibrahim Mohamed noted that there exists a new law for investment which offers many incentives for foreign investors.
He called on Qatar Chamber to organise a visit to Sudan for Qatari businessmen to help them learn more about the investment opportunities galore there.
Mariam Al Sadiq eluded the close relationship between both countries and expressed hope that these ties would contribute to developing their commercial and investment cooperation.
Mohamed bin Twar, who also spoke on the occasion, said that Qatari businessmen are interested in investing in Sudan, stressing that it offers a lot of prominent opportunities in many sectors such as agriculture and food security.
Prominent among those who also attended the meeting were Sheikh Nayef bin Eid Al Thani, Hassad Food Company CEO Mohammad Badr Al Sada, Abdullah Yaqoub from Qatari Diar, Nasser bin Abdullah Al-Attiyah from Qatar Investment Authority, Misfer Hamad Al Shahwani, deputy general manager for projects development at Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) and Nora Khaled from QFDD.


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