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Borders Commission: Ethiopian Violations on Sudanese Lands are Old

January 14, 2021

Khartoum, Jan. 13 (SUNA) – Chairman of the National Borders Commission, Dr. Maaz Tango, pointed out that the Ethiopian encroachments on the Sudanese lands began since 1957 in clear violation of the historical border agreements between the two countries, referring to the existence of old Ethiopian ambitions for Sudanese agricultural lands..

In a briefing he gave Wednesday to the ambassadors and representatives of the international organizations accredited to Sudan on Sudan position concerning the eastern border with Ethiopia, Dr. Tango said that the Ethiopian encroachments began by three farmers and then increased throughout history until their number reached more than 10,000 farmers now.

He accused Ethiopia of evading its obligations regarding border agreements reached since 1903.

He stated that Sudan possesses all the documents supporting its position and sovereignty over the lands which were entered by the Sudanese Armed Forces.

Tango pointed to the Ethiopian government acknowledgement on the soundness of Sudan position on the ownership of the said lands, noting that all the joint committee’s meetings over the past period had not called for reviewing the boundary agreement, adding that the Ethiopian government recognized the historical borders according to Major Guin’s demarcation.


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