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Sudan to rely on imported petroleum during 70-day refinery maintenance - energy ministry-

December 21, 2020

KHARTOUM (Reuters) - Petrol stations across Sudan will rely exclusively on imported fuel while the country’s main oil refinery begins routine maintenance, the energy ministry said late on Sunday.

Sudan has operated a two-tier price system since October, in an attempt to decrease reliance on subsidies, whereby imported gasoline and diesel is sold at more than double the price of locally-produced fuel.

However, with the 70-day maintenance of the Khartoum refinery, only imported gasoline and diesel will be available to consumers. Any fuel produced locally during this period will be directed towards the agriculture, electricity, public transportation, and security sectors, the statement said.

Fuel shortages and long queues at stations are common in Sudan as the government struggles to come up with foreign currency for imports, which were opened up to the private sector in April.

A ministry spokesman said a policy for prices after the maintenance is completed has not yet been determined.


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