Khartoum Transport Company: 20 SDG unified tariff for bus long lines

July 13, 2020

Khartoum, July.12 (SUNA) - The Khartoum Transport Company announced, on Sunday, the operation of 200 buses on all lines in the state of Khartoum, with a unified tariff of 20 SDG, with the aim of reducing the sky rocketed transportation tariff these days.

The Director of the Company’s Operation Unit, Engineer, Husham Abu-Zaid said in SUNA Forum outlined that the buses will be distributed in the 20- long lines to transport citizens 288, 000 to the main bus stations.

“The expected demand size is between 400 and 450 thousand citizens” He said.

Engineer, Abu-Zaid underlined that the operation plan of the company accommodates the great movement of citizens in the coming period, after the plan was amended to serve the city centers and reach the remote areas.

He revealed that the company transported the health cadres to 53 hospital and 45 health centers in the context of its efforts to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.


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